Ramos Alarm Clock

Nixie Custom

All orders will be handled on an individual basis.

A Nixie Custom is hand made out of a raw slab of wood. We fashion this piece of tree into a magnificent clock that you'll marvel it each time you lay your eyes on it. Currently we have a Nixie Custom in stock that is made out of English Wych Elm wood. The swirls of Wych Elm are truly spectacular and this Nixie Custom is ready to ship.  

Your Nixie Custom will also come with two full sets of replacement tubes that will make your Nixie Custom last for generations. Following your purchase, we will get in touch with you to go over the details of your Ramos Custom to get it just right.


  • Easy knob time setting: no more constant button presses
  • Optional Remote Alarm Mode: use your Nixie Ramos as regular alarm clock if you want
  • Snooze Mode: give yourself as many allowed snoozes as you want. When you run out, you will get up.
  • Lockdown Mode: Ramos won't allow any changes in the alarm right before the alarm is set to go off
  • Courtesy Mode: Ramos only goes off for the first 10 seconds to wake you up, then waits one minute for you to get out of bed and defuse the alarm.
  • Battery inside Ramos prevents the user from simply unplugging the clock to turn off the alarm.
  • Multiple Defuse Codes, Battery-Backed Clock, Auto-dim, 12-24 Hour Mode

Hand made in the USA.

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