Ramos Alarm Clock

Will the alarm go off the whole time while I'm punching in the code?
No! We don't think waking up your wife, neighbor, and his dog is a good way to start the day. With Courtesy Mode activated (an optional feature) your Ramos will only go off for the first 10 seconds to wake you up. Then Ramos will wait a minute for you to get out of bed and punch in the code. Although if you stay in bed longer than that minute, you'll have to put up with the bell again! 
What if I forget the date?
No problem! Just press any button on Ramos and it'll show you the date which will be the 4 digit code you'll have to put into the defuse panel.
But I like to snooze at least a couple of times! What about me?
Ramos has an optional snooze mode! You can give yourself as many snoozes as you want. From 0 to as many as you'd like. You can even change the snooze time interval if you like. Once you run out of snoozes, Ramos will lock down, and you'll have to get out of bed and deactivate the alarm through the remote defuse panel. 
What if I don't want to use the remote alarm feature?
Not a problem, just deactivate it in the menu and you can use your Ramos like a normal alarm clock.

How long will the tubes last?

The tubes are pretty much rated for anywhere between 5,000 hours and 200,000 hours. They should last for a pretty long time (equipment made in 60's using these tube can still be found working) but because they are new-old stock technology made in Soviet Russia, there isn't a certified life time for them. In the case that you receive an unlucky tube that goes out in the first month, we'll ship you out a replacement. Nixie tubes are durable pieces of technology. They were designed to go into wartime equipment and endure very harsh conditions. We test each tube that we use, and you should expect them to last 10 - 25 years.

I don't live in the U.S. and my mains voltage is different. Will my Ramos work where I live?
Yup! Each Ramos will have a 100-240 volt 50-60Hz AC power supply. All you need is power adapter for the US style plug. 
How is the defuse panel mounted and powered?
The defuse panel can be wall mounted just like any frame. It has rubber feet so it can also be laid flat on any surface. The defuse panel is powered by triple A batteries that last for 2 years of waking up every day. This way you don't have to deal with any ugly wires going to your panel, and can place it anywhere within range of the Ramos clock!
What happens if the defuse panel runs out of batteries, I forget the date, or someone hides my panel when the alarm goes off?
Ramos will take over the world. Just kidding! Having Ramos go off uncontrollably would not be cool, so to avoid this situation Ramos has a manual off switch; just like any machine should. This switch requires a tool (included) that is tucked away in a compartment inside the clock's housing.
What if I'm not from the US, and my date format is not month/day?
The defuse code can be set to be either MM/DD or DD/MM in the menu.
What happens if I use Lockdown mode and genuinely wake up earlier than the alarm time?
Lockdown mode is a settable feature that prevents you from half-waking 10-15 minutes before your alarm time and sneakily set your alarm time forward. It does this by putting your Ramos clock in "Lockdown" mode a half hour before the set alarm time. If you genuinely wake up before the alarm time, all you have to do is go to the defuse panel and punch in the code. This pre-deactivates your alarm, and you can go on with your day!
How will Ramos make noises?
Your Ramos will have a loud high fidelity speaker system. This speaker will be used to generate the wake-up tones (the bell sound is one of them) along with talk to you!

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