Ramos Alarm Clock

Here's a quick update on where we stand on production. 

Right now we are almost done with all the LED Ramos clocks. We have pushed a batch of 200 clocks through about 90% of the factory processes we've spent 6 months designing. We are currently tweaking those processes to get ready for the 400+ Nixies. 

With experience gained from the LEDs, we now know what works and what doesn't. We're currently tweaking the G-codes for the CNC machine to make the cuts just right. Below you can see 1 Nixie panel that holds 4 Nixies. We're going to be cutting over a 100 of these starting in a couple of days. 

On the electronics front, our assembler delivered the first batch 80 LED Ramos electronics sets. The rest, along with all the Nixies are due in a couple of weeks. Final details like the packaging are getting wrapped up.

We're getting close!

Written by Paul Sammut — January 12, 2013

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