Ramos Alarm Clock

Hi! We've been super busy building Ramos Clocks in the past month. The LED Ramos wooden housings are almost finished and work is also moving along in the electronics department. Our firmware is being continuously tested in our beta program and the polishing is pretty much done. 

At the shop, we've been making housing after housing housing. Making corners out raw slabs of wood, cutting the sides on the CNC and generating lots of saw dust. 

On the electronics side of things, all the components and circuit boards are making their way to our shop. We received the bare circuit boards this week from our PCB manufacturer. What is now left to do is solder all the components to them. An electronics assembly company based in Long Island, NY will be handling that with their automated machines. We are currently getting together all the parts we need and will be sending everything out to them soon. When that happens, we'll be left to concentrate mainly on the wood-work, and crank out quality Ramos Clock housings.

As we spend hours in the shop cutting, gluing and clamping, watching our shelves fill up with Ramos Clocks has been amazing. We can't thank all of our amazing supporters on Kickstarter, and the people who support us by putting in pre-orders in our store for helping in making this happen. Thank you!!!!

Written by Paul Sammut — November 09, 2012

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