Ramos Alarm Clock

These are the procedures to follow when resetting the clock circuitry of an LED Ramos.

To do so you need the following tools:

  • A #0 square drive bit to undo the 4 screws in the bottom of the clock. This can be found in most computer repair kits. On a small number of clocks the screws are standard Phillips, in which case a Philips screw driver is required and not a square drive. Check your clock to see which one you need .
  • Needle nose pliers or long tweezers
  • Tape such as scotch tape 


Start but taping the ends of the tweezers or needle nose pliers with tape like so. 




Then unplug the Ramos. Using the appropriate bit unscrew the 4 screws in the bottom of your clock. The bottom cover is attached to the inside of the clock by a wire. Try not to tug on the wire, and simply place the bottom cover down next to the clock leaving the wire plugged into the clock. Look inside and locate the coin-cell holder shown below.



Note the orientation of the coin-cell as we will have to put this back in the way it came out. Now remove the coincell using the tweezers or small needle nose pliers. The reason we put the tape on is to avoid the metal from shorting out the battery. 



Again note the orientation of the battery. The side with no text on it goes towards the speaker, and the side with the "+" marking goes towards the wood. 



With the battery removed, plug the clock in again (with the bottom cover still removed) and turn the clock on and off a few times. Then turn the clock off and insert the battery again the right way. Make sure the battery is fully inserted and looks like this.



Then screw the bottom cover back on and the reset is complete.

Written by Paul Sammut — February 17, 2014

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